Get Your Plan in Motion, FORWARD Motion!

Are you a LEADER? BUSINESS OWNER?  COMMISSIONED SALES PROFESSIONAL? BUSINESS START UP? THEN…don’t miss this event! Business Coach Carmen Carrozza shares his POWERFULLY SIMPLE yet EXTRAORDINARILY EFFECTIVE Strategies for Building Your Business.

photodune-2411902-business-graph-m40% of businesses fail in their first year; about 75% don’t make it to year four!

Dramatic changes in emarketing, economic conditions and global ecommerce have moved many businesses into survival mode.

Do you want to thrive or survive?

Creatively combining over 20 years of coaching with humor and how-to’s – Carmen will take you through every easy step you’ll need to not only grow your business – but create a long-term path for success.

Business plan In this webinar Carmen will share with you how to:

    • Avoid being a statistic:  Most business fail to plan (and then just fail!)
    • Create a plan that will help you get FUNDED
    • Steer clear of common obstacles and pitfalls
    • Find and keep new customers
    • Get back on track if you falter
    • Master a winning mindset
    • Treat your business like a business
    • Succeed FASTER
    • Plan for LONG TERM financial success
    • And so much more…

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“A must attend for anyone serious about building their business  (without going broke!)” – Julie Escobar   If you knew you could build or grow your business the RIGHT way and create more success with LESS HEADACHES and sleepless nights – would it be worth 40 minutes of your time? Then join Carmen Carrozza October 2, 2013 at 2pm Eastern for this POWERFUL and RESULTS-PRODUCING Webinar!