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Forward Motion Business Coaching » Life Coaching http://forwardmotionbusinesscoaching.com Direction Makes All The Difference Wed, 04 Jun 2014 20:05:05 +0000 en-US hourly 1 https://wordpress.org/?v=4.0.24 Copyright © Carrozza Associates 2013 cai4admin@comcast.net (Forward Motion Business Coaching) cai4admin@comcast.net (Forward Motion Business Coaching) 1440 http://forwardmotionbusinesscoaching.com/wp-content/uploads/podcast_logo_144x144.jpg Forward Motion Business Coaching http://forwardmotionbusinesscoaching.com 144 144 Direction Makes All The Difference Forward Motion Business Coaching Forward Motion Business Coaching cai4admin@comcast.net no no November 18, 2013: Failure Leads to Success for Dominick Domasky http://forwardmotionbusinesscoaching.com/november-18-2013-failure-leads-to-success-for-dominick-domasky/ http://forwardmotionbusinesscoaching.com/november-18-2013-failure-leads-to-success-for-dominick-domasky/#comments Wed, 20 Nov 2013 19:07:54 +0000 http://forwardmotionbusinesscoaching.com/?p=1218 There is no other word in the English language that has a bigger effect on our psyche than failure. Even the synonyms don’t have close to the same impact:  Flop or bomb.   The word creates an emotional distress and can stop you in your tracks. Dominick Domasky has written a book, “Don’t Double Bread the Fish”, where he tells 39 stories of situations in his life, often adding his self-effacing humor,  many of which demonstrate the feeling and despair of failure.

Dominick Domasky, Author

Dominick Domasky, Author

Dominick grew up in a hard working family, where he was taught valuable lessons.  His dad worked in a nursery seven days a week in the state of Pennsylvania, where the weather can be harsh a good part of the year.  Dominick’s dad instilled a work ethic that gave him not only an understanding of what it takes to succeed, but also that you have to hold yourself accountable for your actions. When he fulfilled a life dream of owning a restaurant, the direction it took lead him to have enormous debt and trying to find ways to feed his young family.

How did he dig his way out?  Listen to our entire conversation  and learn more about how to overcome failure and turn it into your future success.

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A blend of Music and Coaching! http://forwardmotionbusinesscoaching.com/a-blend-of-music-and-coaching/ http://forwardmotionbusinesscoaching.com/a-blend-of-music-and-coaching/#comments Fri, 31 May 2013 19:38:50 +0000 http://forwardmotionbusinesscoaching.com/?p=1109 There are a few things I am really passionate about in life. There are varying degrees of passion just like everything else, and my love of music and supporting the success and grBrain Musicowth of businesses and individuals are now meeting in the middle. Songs are so powerful. They can change your mood, make you happy, sad and create amazing memories.

My weekly articles will contain in the title or the content lyrics and/or titles from songs throughout the years that are relevant to the subject I am discussing. And sometimes it won’t, just a song I think is cool.

For those who are not sure where the lyrics/title came from, I’ll give you the details in the following blog.

It’s my way to get a message across and at the same time have some fun.

So look for my first blog next week and Let’s Get it Started!

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Too Close for Comfort http://forwardmotionbusinesscoaching.com/too-close-for-comfort/ http://forwardmotionbusinesscoaching.com/too-close-for-comfort/#comments Fri, 22 Mar 2013 18:23:38 +0000 http://forwardmotionbusinesscoaching.com/?p=1062

At one point or another, we all need someone to help us through a tough time. But why do we choose who we choose to help?
Normally its trust and knowing that the individual you chose has the skill set that will help get you through. When we face these major bumps during our life  journey, it is truly a disturbance.   The person helping you has to be totally supportive, offer guidance, and above all, see it through. In other words, they are entering into a soft contract with you.
Sometimes we are really lucky and we get through the life conflict. The reality is, more often than not, the person you chose bails on you, fails to fulfill their promise, or just doesn’t realize the importance of the issue to you.

One of the reasons I am a coach is to bridge this dilemma. Everyone in your circle from the core out wards, has skin in the game. In other words there is always a percentage of subjectivity when someone agrees to support you from your circle. Some examples:

They want to:

• Keep you safe
• Keep you close
• Minimize risk (yours or theirs)
• Assure you are careful
• Be too involved

This is just the beginning of the list. You can add fear, jealousy and affection as drivers, never mind the darker ones.
Understand, most people want to help, but these often subconscious manifestations will not bring you where you need to go for you to learn, grow and reach a high level of success.

The easy way out of a situation is to reach out to those close to you when you need serious help. In fact, you will often reach out to those who will help you take an easier way out.  Next time consider working with someone who can be 100% objective. I’ll tell you now, it may challenge you like you have never been challenged before, but the reward is a huge step forward in your life journey; becoming stronger, more confident, and a person that learns to control their own path to success!

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What do We Learn from Chris Dorner? http://forwardmotionbusinesscoaching.com/what-do-we-learn-from-chris-dorner/ http://forwardmotionbusinesscoaching.com/what-do-we-learn-from-chris-dorner/#comments Thu, 14 Feb 2013 18:42:14 +0000 http://forwardmotionbusinesscoaching.com/?p=1035 Whenever there is a predator on the loose for whatever reason, they create an environment of fear around them. Chris Dorner made decisions, like all of us, based on life events that sometimes change the course of our lives. Many people are passionate about what they do, believing the role they are in is the role they were meant to play forever.

If there is anything we have learned over the past six years, is nothing is forever.  Learning to take a breath and move on no matter what the situation is the reality of a not so forgiving world.  Even when we feel an injustice has occurred, It is our obligation to ourselves, our family and to society to demonstrate control.  Our anger that can build within can become rage at others, at many different level.  It can be something as simple as opportunity in your career becomes stalled, to the much more complex.  Any negative situation that arises in our own mind, needs to be controlled, no matter what that takes.  We may need clinical or therapeutic help.  Sometimes it can be speaking with a trusted individual or group that let’s you share your feelings.

The key element is you need to find a way to channel the anger for the betterment of your life and those around you.  Thankfully, not many in our society reach the level of anger and revenge that happened with Dorner.

The point is that all the little and big situations that go against what we hoped would be the preferred outcome, are in the end for us and us alone to resolve.

Step one is to take responsibility for yourself and your actions.  Once you do that, find the most desirable way to find resolve.  You then can work through the issue and move forward.  Life has many bumps, and some of them can become mountains.  We are individually charged with taking complete control of our own lives and managing any interference that holds us back, or in this case, let’s the anger and disappointment simmer into rage against others.

None of this is ever easy to do.  It takes each of us to measure our feelings and respond to them in a way that takes a positive course.  If we all learn this lesson, we help all of society become less violent and avoid our own despair that can manifest into hostility towards our fellow man.

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The Heart of Coaching http://forwardmotionbusinesscoaching.com/the-heart-of-coaching/ http://forwardmotionbusinesscoaching.com/the-heart-of-coaching/#comments Tue, 19 Jun 2012 11:39:26 +0000 http://carrozzacoaching.wordpress.com/?p=7 by Business and Life Coach Carmen Carrozza

Early in my professional career I learned a harsh reality that truly changed my life.  I had a supervisor that told everyone what to do and when to do it.  I worked with a good bunch of folks, yet there was always this feeling of dread whenever he was around.  He was not a bad person, just a boss that knew no other way to manage people.

Now this was not my first job; it was my first in a professional environment. My dad was a musician and I spent a few years helping him run the business. I taught many young children and enjoyed it thoroughly.  As I developed my managerial skills, I always reminded myself what not to do. I remembered that boss and others who were managing a business, not leading people.

Many years later as a senior manager, the word “coach” became attached to our role in managing our teams. I discovered quickly that it was not any different from the style of leadership and the development of associates that I had garnered over many years of experience.

I had found my passion in life: helping others discover their inner power to become the best they can be. I’ve experienced the joy and honor of watching many I have worked with demonstrate renewed confidence, feel inspired to overcome old obstacles and motivate themselves to learn new skills. The result of all this is increased performance and productivity, while increasing the bench strength of the entire team.

So what is it that I did differently that empowered people, gave them a renewed sense of self and inspired them to reach higher than ever before? I’ll be writing more about my coaching style and how it supports growth and development in future blog entries.

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A Radio Show: Beyond Normal http://forwardmotionbusinesscoaching.com/a-radio-show-beyond-normal/ http://forwardmotionbusinesscoaching.com/a-radio-show-beyond-normal/#comments Sun, 06 May 2012 11:01:31 +0000 http://forwardmotionbusinesscoaching.com/?p=532 by Business and Life Coach Carmen Carrozza

It would be quite normal for a business and life coach to have a radio show  that is about self help and guests that speak about coaching and self-help.

Not Forward Motion.  My weekly radio program, heard locally on 1490 WGCH out of Greenwich CT and live streamed at www.wgch.com, is much more than that.  My goal is to talk about topics that affect businesses and individuals every day, then discuss ways to overcome obstacles, control what is controllable, and provide guests that add value to my listeners.

I want everyone out there to be aware of what is really going on in our economy, and the effectiveness and rapidity to which our leaders respond.

My guests have included Lawrence Smith, a member of the Financial Accounting Standards Board,  Carla Rose Fisher, editing, writing and marketing guru, and Sal Provenzano, insurance expert.  Motivational speakers such as Connie Podesta and Jean Gatz have also joined us to share their success strategies.

I have entrepreneurs, professionals and businessmen, anyone that can tell their story that helps you, whether it be their successes, failures, obstacles they have overcome, or pure information to help your business become more successful.

Business and life are complex, taking into consideration global commerce, technology and unlimited communication.  You have to be prepared to move forward with focus and determination

Tune in!  Forward Motion Every Monday at 2:00CT, 3:00ET

Your business and your life can’t wait.

Learn more at http://rockstarradionetwork.com/shows/forwardmotion.  .



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A Business with No Plan Means No Business http://forwardmotionbusinesscoaching.com/a-business-with-no-plan-means-no-business/ http://forwardmotionbusinesscoaching.com/a-business-with-no-plan-means-no-business/#comments Thu, 23 Jun 2011 17:02:27 +0000 http://forwardmotionbusinesscoaching.com/blog/?p=199 How Not to Be Another Statistic

by Executive Coach and Keynote Speaker Carmen Carrozza

Do you know how many businesses opened their doors in the U.S. in 2009?  Over 552,000.  That is a great amount of Americans who have taken the ultimate chance, putting the life of their family and a good portion of capital on the line.

Now for the bad news.  More than 660,000 businesses closed their doors in that same year. Another statistical fact is that over 50% of businesses don’t make it to celebrate their 5th anniversary.What is the reason for this degree of failure?

Here are the main reasons in order:

1. Lack of Experience

2. Insufficient Capital

3. Poor location

4. Poor inventory management

5. Over-investment in fixed assets

6. Poor credit arrangements

7. Personal use of business funds

8. Unexpected growth

9. Competition

10. Low sales

Yes, there is a common thread that could lead to any of these.  A bad business plan or a lack of one altogether. There are businesses that succeed without a solid business plan, but those are far and few between.  Are you willing to put it all on the line and “Hope for the best?”  That, my friends is crazy.

Whether new or existing, every business in this complex global, digital and economic environment needs to be on top of their game.  Without forward critical thinking, any business is at risk.

Post any questions or comments you have about business plans and I will be glad to respond to all of them as we travel this road.

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Career Coaching Best Practices: Social Networking http://forwardmotionbusinesscoaching.com/career-coaching-best-practices-social-networking/ http://forwardmotionbusinesscoaching.com/career-coaching-best-practices-social-networking/#comments Fri, 22 Apr 2011 15:07:23 +0000 http://forwardmotionbusinesscoaching.com/blog/?p=225 by Executive Coach and Keynote Speaker Carmen Carrozza

If you are in the market for a new job or career, I’m sure you already know that it is fiercely competitive out there.  There are well over 15 million people out of work, millions more working part time or in positions that pay far less than they had previously earned.  On top of that, nearly 1 million college graduates enter the job market annually, never mind those who have chosen work over college. Right now, there are about 5 applicants for every job available.  when we look at professional positions, the number of applicants for a particular position can run into the hundreds.  What are your chances?

I’ll be giving weekly tips that  will help you gain employment sooner than later.  This week’s tip is:

Be sure to tactfully manage your social networking sites. As a career coach, I see good people lose opportunities every day due to the fact that businesses today Google youto gather as much background information as they can. Photos, comments and connections you make can give the wrong impression of you to a potential employer.

There are the obvious postings that can do you in; vacation, party and family fun photos for instance.  They should be reviewed to make sure there are not photos that show too much, or would throw up red flags. Also, anything available that you write can be reviewed.  Using inappropriate jargon or rudeness, along with more traditional reviews of grammar and spelling could speak to credibility.  So if you are serious about getting to that next level of employment, be aware of the background search realities:  It is not just about drugs, arrests and past experience anymore.

If you truly want to be considered for that next step in the hiring process,  be sure to “clean up” your online social life  to be viewed as a seriously viable candidate.

If you want to learn how you can best succeed in today’s competitive market, call me at 888.616.COACH (2622)!

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Oh, My Aching Back! http://forwardmotionbusinesscoaching.com/oh-my-aching-back/ http://forwardmotionbusinesscoaching.com/oh-my-aching-back/#comments Fri, 15 Apr 2011 15:33:11 +0000 http://forwardmotionbusinesscoaching.com/blog/?p=212 by Executive Coach and Keynote Speaker Carmen Carrozza

It was early one morning in mid-November of last year when I first felt it.  An amazing pain shooting from my lower back down into the front of the thigh to my knee on the right side.  Immediately I thought I severely pulled a muscle.  When I was pained to my knees in the local grocery store about 10 days later, it was time to call my doctor.  during her exam, she noticed there was no reaction to the old hammer to my right knee.  I was told to get an MRI ASAP, which I did.  Two days later the pictures on the PC didn’t lie:  A herniated disc at the 4th and 5th lumbar.

I spent the next few weeks in extreme pain, working with my marvelous physical therapist, Jennifer.  Unfortunately, the pain worsened.  I could barely take a few steps at a time, hanging on to anything I could to gain some support.  It was like a sword being placed through my lower back to my right knee ALL the time.  Prescription drugs barely gave any solace from the constant agony.

In mid February, I visited my surgeon and her words as she watched me woefully hop into her office were, “It’s time for surgery.”   Back surgery?  As much as I feared and avoided it, I would have lied down on the bench and had her slice me right then and there.

As I awoke from anesthesia, the relief was palpable.  For those of who don’t know, a herniated disc is a when the disc between your back bones basically explodes open, with the contents lodging against the nerve root.  The operative procedure removes the disc material and cleans up the area, allowing the nerve to heal and work normally again.

I have been lucky so far.  My surgeons’ work is done, and my physical therapy is becoming more aggressive.  I can walk normally and hope to minimize any pain discomfort with core exercises and learning how to manipulate my body without causing too much pressure to my lower back.

As a business and life coach, I take this experience as an opportunity to not only form a more enlightened understanding of pain management, but how to live with it and still continue to thrive and grow.  Pain does not always mean physical pain.  There can be underlying issues like self-doubt, past failures, and general insecurity to move forward.  My job as a coach is to work with those who have regained the courage to move past these negative devices and move in direction driven by desire and new born motivation.

There is no richer feeling for me than to know I participated in raising the spirit of a company or individual to the point where they take positive action and look forward with confidence.  That’s why I do this.  Need help?  Contact me today at 888.616.COACH (2622)!

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Forward Motion: The Art of NOT Looking Back http://forwardmotionbusinesscoaching.com/201/ http://forwardmotionbusinesscoaching.com/201/#comments Tue, 05 Apr 2011 20:46:46 +0000 http://forwardmotionbusinesscoaching.com/blog/?p=201 by Executive Coach and Keynote Speaker Carmen Carrozza

Every time you have to make a decision, what is your processMost people think about what they did in the past and then formulate a response.  Think about the repercussions of this lack of foresight.  Yes, it is important to learn from the past.  That doesn’t mean our decisions should be totally influence by our past experience.  One mental process the most successful people use when decision-making is, “What can I do that will create the result I am am looking for.” It may have nothing to do with past results, rather it is about what they want to accomplish.

So, next time you are going through that moment in the decision making process when you search your brain cells for what you did before, even if it was successful, shut it down and explore your creativity and see if there are alternatives that inspire you to think in  Forward Motion.

Need help with this practice?  Contact me today at 888.616.COACH (2622)!

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