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Since she has been out of the Disney circle, the media has been beating Miley up over any possible instance where she wasn’t perfect. And we all know, nobody’s perfect.

She was not only cute, funny and full of energy in her Hannah Montana days, but if you noticed, extremely talented.   She had to audition for the part several times before she finally earned the starring role in the most profitable Disney show there has ever been. She glowed with a charismatic personality seldom seen at such a young age.  Mother’s, daughter’s, yes and even dad’s and son’s watched her and the great cast make us laugh, and hopefully learn a life lesson along the way.

She was 14 when she embarked on her first tour.  The concerts were wildly successful, as she sang and danced with the skill and professionalism of a well seasoned entertainer.

She grew up before our eyes.  Like most young ladies, Miley began to breakout, changing tastes in clothes, priorities and music.
I brought my then 6 year old daughter Sofia to see her favorite star on Miley’s next tour. She loved it, as did my wife and I. Then it began. How dare she wear short shorts and act as if she were growing up? The press had found a new target.

During the next 2 years, she was vilified at every opportunity by the media.  Photos of Miley and another girl sharing a twizzler, smoking from a bong at a party, pole dancing for a moment on an awards show, a photo shoot with her dad that was somewhat provocative…you get the picture.  Bit by bit, each one of these incidence reported by the media took a bite out of the “good girl” perception of Miley.

Her albums and movies continued to sell well.  She is one of the biggest earners for her age ever.  Miley has been reported in Forbes magazine to be the 4th highest money maker under 30 years of age this past year.  All this while losing a portion of her fan base due to the barrage of stories and negativity in the press.

Now to the point of the story:  How many of you know about GetUrGoodOn?  An organization where Miley and Youth Services of America team up to support positive community impact by the young people in your local town.  She is their spokesperson and very active in the organization.

How about her service in Haiti?  Miley took two trips to Haiti supporting the Starkey Hearing Foundation.  They educate the world about hearing issues and give the gift of hearing to those who can’t afford it or would otherwise never have the opportunity to hear.

Miley Cyrus with President Clinton at the Starkey Gala in July 2011.

In December, Miley took part in the CNN Heroes event, a multi-platform campaign that shines a spotlight on individuals who go to extraordinary lengths to serve others. She is active in regard to animal rights and takes part in many other charitable organizations.

I have not seen any of these events and activities reported by main stream media. I’m sure it will be widely reported when Miley gets a new tattoo.

Read more: http://www.justjaredjr.com/2011/12/12/miley-cyrus-cnn-heroes-with-liam-hemsworth/#ixzz1n2aUkTtH

I don’t know about you, but Miley is actually a heck of a role model.  As parents, it’s up to us to discern what is right and wrong, with the technological ability to learn as much about a person or subject before we make a rash decisions.

I’m proud my daughter loves Miley and follows her life and career. We should never let the media skew what we can learn to be the truth. Keep it up Miley, you’ve got fans who see the big picture, not what is portrayed by the media machine.


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