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Forward Motion Business Coaching » Forward Motion Podcasts http://forwardmotionbusinesscoaching.com Direction Makes All The Difference Wed, 04 Jun 2014 20:05:05 +0000 en-US hourly 1 https://wordpress.org/?v=4.0.24 Copyright © Carrozza Associates 2013 cai4admin@comcast.net (Forward Motion Business Coaching) cai4admin@comcast.net (Forward Motion Business Coaching) 1440 http://forwardmotionbusinesscoaching.com/wp-content/uploads/podcast_logo_144x144.jpg Forward Motion Business Coaching http://forwardmotionbusinesscoaching.com 144 144 Direction Makes All The Difference Forward Motion Business Coaching Forward Motion Business Coaching cai4admin@comcast.net no no What do We Learn from Chris Dorner? http://forwardmotionbusinesscoaching.com/what-do-we-learn-from-chris-dorner/ http://forwardmotionbusinesscoaching.com/what-do-we-learn-from-chris-dorner/#comments Thu, 14 Feb 2013 18:42:14 +0000 http://forwardmotionbusinesscoaching.com/?p=1035 Whenever there is a predator on the loose for whatever reason, they create an environment of fear around them. Chris Dorner made decisions, like all of us, based on life events that sometimes change the course of our lives. Many people are passionate about what they do, believing the role they are in is the role they were meant to play forever.

If there is anything we have learned over the past six years, is nothing is forever.  Learning to take a breath and move on no matter what the situation is the reality of a not so forgiving world.  Even when we feel an injustice has occurred, It is our obligation to ourselves, our family and to society to demonstrate control.  Our anger that can build within can become rage at others, at many different level.  It can be something as simple as opportunity in your career becomes stalled, to the much more complex.  Any negative situation that arises in our own mind, needs to be controlled, no matter what that takes.  We may need clinical or therapeutic help.  Sometimes it can be speaking with a trusted individual or group that let’s you share your feelings.

The key element is you need to find a way to channel the anger for the betterment of your life and those around you.  Thankfully, not many in our society reach the level of anger and revenge that happened with Dorner.

The point is that all the little and big situations that go against what we hoped would be the preferred outcome, are in the end for us and us alone to resolve.

Step one is to take responsibility for yourself and your actions.  Once you do that, find the most desirable way to find resolve.  You then can work through the issue and move forward.  Life has many bumps, and some of them can become mountains.  We are individually charged with taking complete control of our own lives and managing any interference that holds us back, or in this case, let’s the anger and disappointment simmer into rage against others.

None of this is ever easy to do.  It takes each of us to measure our feelings and respond to them in a way that takes a positive course.  If we all learn this lesson, we help all of society become less violent and avoid our own despair that can manifest into hostility towards our fellow man.

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Social Media Expert Mazarine Treyz Gets Your Marketing Flying! http://forwardmotionbusinesscoaching.com/social-media-expert-mazarine-treyz-gets-your-marketing-flying/ http://forwardmotionbusinesscoaching.com/social-media-expert-mazarine-treyz-gets-your-marketing-flying/#comments Tue, 29 Jan 2013 07:33:23 +0000 http://forwardmotionbusinesscoaching.com/?p=861 Download Audio
Is your social marketing effective? Are you targeting the right client? How consistent are you? Learn the answers you need and more from Mazarine. Her book, “The Wild Woman’s Guide to Social Media”, helps you get your online marketing right. Knowing all the facets that help you earn trust and add value will lead you to earning more money!
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Linda Allred, expert in the art of self-hypnosis, demonstrates the power of the subconscious! http://forwardmotionbusinesscoaching.com/linda-allred-expert-in-the-art-of-self-hypnosis-demonstrates-the-power-of-the-subconscious/ http://forwardmotionbusinesscoaching.com/linda-allred-expert-in-the-art-of-self-hypnosis-demonstrates-the-power-of-the-subconscious/#comments Tue, 29 Jan 2013 07:32:34 +0000 http://forwardmotionbusinesscoaching.com/?p=859 Download Audio
We all want to gain control of our weight, eating habits and overall health. Then why don’t we? Linda Allred gives us amazing insight into the ways we can take control of our lives now and forever.
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Business in 2013 will be different than we have ever seen before. Our economy is much different, with demographic and psychographic shifts, the needs and wants of people have shifted. So have their expectations. Add to all of that advances in technology, and you have a mix that you better be ready for!
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Master Motivator Justin Sachs joins Carmen to talk about creating revenue for your business! http://forwardmotionbusinesscoaching.com/master-motivator-justin-sachs-joins-carmen-to-talk-about-creating-revenue-for-your-business/ http://forwardmotionbusinesscoaching.com/master-motivator-justin-sachs-joins-carmen-to-talk-about-creating-revenue-for-your-business/#comments Tue, 29 Jan 2013 07:30:54 +0000 http://forwardmotionbusinesscoaching.com/?p=854 Download Audio
Justin Sachs, a disciple of Tony Robbins, is an incredible business coach, speaker and author who helps businesses learn to reach new levels of success. We all know the bottom line is what counts. Well, what if you learn to create more revenue with less effort? It’s possible when you follow the steps on Forward Motion!
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The talented Carla Rose Fisher joins Carmen to help entrepreneurs learn to help themselves and take control of their business http://forwardmotionbusinesscoaching.com/the-talented-carla-rose-fisher-joins-carmen-to-help-entrepreneurs-learn-to-help-themselves-and-take-control-of-their-business/ http://forwardmotionbusinesscoaching.com/the-talented-carla-rose-fisher-joins-carmen-to-help-entrepreneurs-learn-to-help-themselves-and-take-control-of-their-business/#comments Tue, 29 Jan 2013 07:30:08 +0000 http://forwardmotionbusinesscoaching.com/?p=852 The talented Carla Rose Fisher joins Carmen to help entrepreneurs learn to help themselves and take control of their business.
Carla Rose Fisher is an editor/writer, vocalist and song writer. How does she manage to have time for a life? She tells us how, along with cool tips ranging from time management to tips when attending a conference.
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Are you ready for 2013? Carmen will get you jump started today on Forward Motion! http://forwardmotionbusinesscoaching.com/are-you-ready-for-2013-carmen-will-get-you-jump-started-today-on-forward-motion/ http://forwardmotionbusinesscoaching.com/are-you-ready-for-2013-carmen-will-get-you-jump-started-today-on-forward-motion/#comments Tue, 29 Jan 2013 07:29:16 +0000 http://forwardmotionbusinesscoaching.com/?p=848 Are you ready for 2013? Carmen will get you jump started today on Forward Motion!
Do want to reach your full potential in 2013? You can reach levels of success you have only been dreaming of for years. Gain confidence and empower yourself like never before.
Carmen details the tools and strategies that can change your life.
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Get the Entrepreneurial Spirit! Carmen gives the Plan of Action You Need to Get Started! http://forwardmotionbusinesscoaching.com/get-the-entrepreneurial-spirit-carmen-gives-the-plan-of-action-you-need-to-get-started/ http://forwardmotionbusinesscoaching.com/get-the-entrepreneurial-spirit-carmen-gives-the-plan-of-action-you-need-to-get-started/#comments Tue, 29 Jan 2013 07:28:21 +0000 http://forwardmotionbusinesscoaching.com/?p=849 Get the Entrepreneurial Spirit! Carmen gives the Plan of Action You Nedd to Get Started!
Carmen is a business and Life Coach with over 25 years of experience helping businesses and individuals succeed! Now you can too, Listen as Carmen gives you details that get you on the fast track to starting your own business and developing a great plan.
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My guest is Regina Sisco, an expert life coach, specializing in spiritual and energetic healing alternatives http://forwardmotionbusinesscoaching.com/my-guest-is-regina-sisco-an-expert-life-coach-specializing-in-spiritual-and-energetic-healing-alternatives/ http://forwardmotionbusinesscoaching.com/my-guest-is-regina-sisco-an-expert-life-coach-specializing-in-spiritual-and-energetic-healing-alternatives/#comments Tue, 29 Jan 2013 07:26:58 +0000 http://forwardmotionbusinesscoaching.com/?p=846 Downbload Audio
Regina and Carmen discuss many of the events in Regina’s life that made her who she is today. Regina gained her strength and resolve from obstacles that caused struggles. She lifted herself out and up and now helps others create a journey to success. Her methods include Thought Field Therapy and theta Healing.
http://forwardmotionbusinesscoaching.com/my-guest-is-regina-sisco-an-expert-life-coach-specializing-in-spiritual-and-energetic-healing-alternatives/feed/ 0
The inspirational Stacia Pierce gives her practical tips on taking control and growing your business! http://forwardmotionbusinesscoaching.com/the-inspirational-stacia-pierce-gives-her-practical-tips-on-taking-control-and-growing-your-business/ http://forwardmotionbusinesscoaching.com/the-inspirational-stacia-pierce-gives-her-practical-tips-on-taking-control-and-growing-your-business/#comments Tue, 29 Jan 2013 07:26:09 +0000 http://forwardmotionbusinesscoaching.com/?p=844 Download Audio
Stacia Pierce is founder and CEO of http://LifeCoach2Women.com She is the author of 21 books, and organizes the annual Women’s Success Conference July 25-27 2013 in Orlando FL.
Stacia has numerous best selling coaching programs and was one of the top winners in the Oprah Winfrey Network Contest.
Stacia motivates crowds internationally through her speaking and training programs.
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