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by Business and Life Coach Carmen Carrozza

Every time someone asks me what I do and I respond, “I’m a coach,” they give me the funniest look.  “I partner with people and businesses that have raised the bar for themselves and want to remove all the barriers that have held them back.”

Coaching is not a profession easily explained.  One of the ways I try to relate my profession to others is to speak of athletes.  If you look at all of our recent Olympians — each and every one of them has had a coach.  In fact, most of them have SEVERAL.  Nearly every professional and top college football team has a coach just for their quarterbacks.  Top executive in major companies have coaches to help them refine skills, such as communication, presentations and associate relations.  Why would successful athletes and business people want a coach?  They have discovered what the rest of the world is finding out, coaches are totally committed to their success.

A coach is there to help you bring out the best you want to be.  It is very hard to realize our own areas where we can improve.  Even more difficult is completely understanding how well we do other things.  Sometimes things come so easily to us, we don’t consider it an advantage.  We sometimes think what we do everyone else can do too, and do not realize the value in that particular nuance.  These assumptions can limit growth and the ability to take advantage of what we already have.

The reason successful executives, business owners, athletes and those in the arts and entertainment industry have coaches, is their realization that they can not do it alone.  Friends and family are usually too close to you and don’t have the time and skills to develop you to your full potential.

The reality, we can all use a coach.  Someone there totally for your benefit whose goal is the same as yours, to excel and find success in your career and life.

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The Power of a Business and Marketing PLAN for Success http://forwardmotionbusinesscoaching.com/financial-demographics-marketing-plan/ http://forwardmotionbusinesscoaching.com/financial-demographics-marketing-plan/#comments Tue, 18 Oct 2011 05:36:48 +0000 http://forwardmotionbusinesscoaching.com/?p=366 Executive and Business Coach Carmen Carrozza with co-host Carla Fisher discuss business planning for a better year ahead.  From managing a changing economy to understanding the demographics of what has happened in YOUR market and YOUR business — Carmen discusses the MUST DO strategies to best position yourself for success.

To learn more about how to build your business plan and better realize your goals – Call Executive Coach Carmen Carrozza today at 888.616.COACH (2622)!

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A Business with No Plan Means No Business http://forwardmotionbusinesscoaching.com/a-business-with-no-plan-means-no-business/ http://forwardmotionbusinesscoaching.com/a-business-with-no-plan-means-no-business/#comments Thu, 23 Jun 2011 17:02:27 +0000 http://forwardmotionbusinesscoaching.com/blog/?p=199 How Not to Be Another Statistic

by Executive Coach and Keynote Speaker Carmen Carrozza

Do you know how many businesses opened their doors in the U.S. in 2009?  Over 552,000.  That is a great amount of Americans who have taken the ultimate chance, putting the life of their family and a good portion of capital on the line.

Now for the bad news.  More than 660,000 businesses closed their doors in that same year. Another statistical fact is that over 50% of businesses don’t make it to celebrate their 5th anniversary.What is the reason for this degree of failure?

Here are the main reasons in order:

1. Lack of Experience

2. Insufficient Capital

3. Poor location

4. Poor inventory management

5. Over-investment in fixed assets

6. Poor credit arrangements

7. Personal use of business funds

8. Unexpected growth

9. Competition

10. Low sales

Yes, there is a common thread that could lead to any of these.  A bad business plan or a lack of one altogether. There are businesses that succeed without a solid business plan, but those are far and few between.  Are you willing to put it all on the line and “Hope for the best?”  That, my friends is crazy.

Whether new or existing, every business in this complex global, digital and economic environment needs to be on top of their game.  Without forward critical thinking, any business is at risk.

Post any questions or comments you have about business plans and I will be glad to respond to all of them as we travel this road.

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